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The Perfect Weekend

What's your idea of the perfect weekend?

What’s your idea of the perfect weekend?

Our idea of the perfect weekend involves a road trip down south, good food, a bottle of sparkling wine or nice beer, music and a movie + snuggles (in that order). How decadent yet simple is that.


There is nothing more diverse, beautiful, peaceful or close (to me that is) than the south-west of Australia. Sure, we live in the most isolated city in the world and it’s pretty expensive to go elsewhere, but we have travelled ‘outside’ of Western Australia and the south west of Australia rates in my top 10 of places to go worldwide…AND to keep going back to.

Yallingup, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Denmark, Walpole, Pemberton, Albany. Whether you’re a country lover or a beach goer there are so many places to visit to sit back, drink wine, eat chocolate, and just chill-ax! We will move there one day…that we have decided (unless we get that château in France…).

Smiths Beach, Yallingup, Western Australia

Smiths Beach, Yallingup, Western Australia


The highlight for me being the seasoned beef and veg stack with red wine jus and a sprinkling of feta that Den cooked for me on my 34th birthday, of which we spent at my sisters place in Yallingup. God that was good. But seriously, good food is a given – and you are guaranteed to get that down south or in the company of D (he will either seek it out or cook it).

Beef and Vegetable Stack

Beef and Vegetable Stack


Like I’ve said before, I love bubbles (a little too much!). As my drink of choice, bubbles would most certainly accompany my ideal weekend… although I’ve recently started discovering red wine, so it could be really nice red from one of the many wineries down south.

Den on the other hand, a good beer or 7 wouldn’t go astray! With a few amazing breweries to choose from, finding a nice local beer would not be a challenge. The challenge would be choosing which beer!

Our favourites:

Eagle Bay Brewing Co. – Eagle Bay (beer, cider, food, picturesque setting)

Bootleg Brewery – Margaret River (great variety of beer, awesome food too!)

Bush Shack Brewery – Yallingup (beer, beer, beer, beer!)

House of Cards Winery – Yallingup (great bubbles, hard to not list this place since our sister works there)

The Berry Farm – Rosa Glen (the food, the jam and scones, the fruity wine!)

Us at House of Cards Winery, Yallingup, South West Australia


The day would be spent lazing over a good book, followed by an evening of bubbles, beer and food whilst listening to some good music and then onto a comfy couch to snuggle and take in a good movie, of course!


Of course it wouldn’t be the perfect weekend without snuggles with our fur child, Kahlua 🙂 She’s an integral part of our family, and no getaway would be complete without her, even if the minute we get somewhere she immediately wants to go home. Love her xx

Snuggles with our fur child, there's nothing better!

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