Roadtrip, Kalgoorlie Style

Great Eastern Highway

Aptly dressed all in black, AC/DC pelting out of the car stereo, about to embark on the last leg of the 7 hour journey to Kalgoorlie – the mammoth 188 kilometer + stretch between Southern Cross and Coolgardie, with nothing much more than road, red dirt, scrub and road trains.

Queue Back in Black guitar riff.

I lose track of how many times we did that journey when I was little. I do remember that it was always at that point of the journey that us kids would almost go bonkers…Are we there yet? When is it going to end? I’m bored. I need to pee. Such a charming bunch we were to travel with.

It’s weird doing the same journey, now as an adult. Back then it was one woman, 3 dogs, 3 kids, one car, and 596 kilometers of road. Today – it was D, our dog Kahlua, me, my car, and 596 kilometers of road.

Technology has assisted with making the journey more pleasurable. The walk-man and the car tape deck have thankfully made way to the i-Phone – with so many 1000’s of songs to meet both of our tastes, which differ a lot – and the ability to pump it through the car stereo. And driving there in my 2007 Mazda – with functional air conditioning – was luxurious.

Surprisingly, Kahlua survived her first road trip with flying colours. At the age of 9 1/2, I had expected her to be grumpy as hell. Dad had pre-warned me about the tendency for dogs to vomit on long trips. I didn’t remember that, but I did remember the flatulence – three dogs sealed in a car releasing potent gases…not good! Lucky for us Kahlua gave it a good shot within the first hour. I can’t believe something that bad came out of such a small dog!

Our dog, Kahlua

Anyway, she was like a new dog, with the inner puppy making an appearance along the way. What I think did it for her was the fact that she got to spend seven solid hours with her folks, together in one of her favorite places – the car, sharing new experiences.

D and I survived pretty well also. It was actually really enjoyable, there were no arguments, we had fun, and most of all I got to share some of my old memories with the two important beings in my life – my baby dog and my man. We really should do this more often!

Here’s a little something to get you in the road-tripping mood!

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